Water Cooled Power Cables

We offer a full range of specialist and standard power leads manufactured or refurbished to your specification.

Protective sleeves can be fitted as an additional option to enhance protection, including ADL Insulflex® Pyrojacket® specifically designed to shed any sparks and molten metal splash, this provides excellent thermal protection and significantly reduces the risk of a melt being compromised.

Whether new or refurbished, all our power cables are flow and pressure tested with hot water to simulate the real working environment.

We manufacture and repair all types of standard 37° flared water cooled furnace power cables, specialist Arc furnace power cables, VIM Furnace Leads, VAR Furnace, ESR Furnace, Channel Furnace power cables and air cooled power leads.

All the materials used meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications.

Our hose is manufactured specifically for use on induction furnaces. It is non-conductive and mandrel built for superior quality and performance.

Additional Power Connections

We also manufacture flexible bus bar systems from low resistance copper leaf, plated and riveted at each end.